Editorials · 03. November 2018
“SISTERHOOD” is the name of this story presented by Keyi Studio – Grzegorz Bacinski + Izabella Chrobok – who captured four women in trashy combination of unique Berlin fashion in an under construction atmosphere. // Trashig buntes Baustellen-Editorial "SISTERHOOD"des Duos Grzegorz Bacinski + Izabella Chrobok (Keyi Studio)
Editorials · 20. September 2018
Fashion editorial featuring Fusc and other alternative designer labels by photographer Marc Krause. // Mode-Editorial des Fotografen Marc Krause im Nakid Magazine mit Fusc upcycling Mode und anderen alternativen Labels.
Editorials · 12. April 2018
Fashion photography at it's finest featuring a Fusc headpiece and jewellery. // Wundervolles Editorial von Adam Maj mit Fusc Kopfschmuck, Schmuck und Mode von IVY Berlin.
Editorials · 26. Februar 2018
Analog photoshooting in Milan by Isotta Martiani // Analoges Photoshooting in Mailand mit Fotografin Isotta Martiani
Editorials · 10. Januar 2018
Polaroid photoshooting in Berlin - Styling/MakeUp/Model: Beryl Belouineau - Photography: Bertrand Carrot