SISTERHOOD editorial by Keyi Studio








Photography and retouch


KEYI STUDIO @keyistudio keyi.eu


Grzegorz Bacinski @eyes_dice


Izabella Chrobok @berlin_bunny_






Lina Keller @linutschkaa


Mimi Barks @mimibarks


Alexandra Johansson @aatypi


Britta Stange @avanya




Make up


Magdalena Cichonska @cichonska.makeup






Twiggy Moore


John Mangru






Kreuzberg Kinder @kreuzbergkinder


Fusc @fusc.me


Vicious Black @vviciousblackk


Berlin Bunny @berlin_bunny_


John Mangru @johnmangru


Twiggy Moore @twiggymoore_


CICI TIARA @cici.tiara.berlin


NAKT @nakt_studio


LUI TRASH @lui.trash










Producer is Keyi Studio


Camera by Grzegorz Bacinski


Post-production by Izabella Chrobok


Music by Izabella Chrobok


Assistant is Twiggy Moore


Assistant is John Mangru


Hair and Makeup by Magdalena Cichońska


Model is Lina Keller


Model is Mimi Barks


Model is Alexandra Johansson


Model is Britta Stange




Published in Kaltblut Magazine












Keyi Studio is a project of two creatives Izabella Chrobok & Grzegorz Bacinski. They are two photographers, who started to work together about two years ago creating fashion photography around the world. They are based in Berlin and Shenzhen - China.




Sisterhood” is the name for this photo-story presented by Keyi Studio [ Grzegorz Bacinski + Izabella Chrobok ] who captured Lina Keller, Mimi Barks , Alexandra Johansson, Britta Stange in trashy combination of modern and unique Berlin fashion with industrial atmosphere surrounded by under-construction side - Berlin.




Combination of those brands and vibrant background makes it more fresh and compose uncommon results for every person. For make-up cared a professional : Magdalena Cichońska 




While the brotherhood is cultivated for centuries … where is the sisterhood today?


The intention of the shoot was to create a girl gang which is not the very associated situation if it comes to relationships between women, rather is the typical situation associated with boys/men.




But now is the time when the gender starts to play not such a big role, we go towards equality. The women are supporting each other. Trying to be far away from competition,  sharing their unconditional love over all the arguments and differences that happen in every relationships, being honest to each other. How far are we actually to create true sisterhood around us? We have to ask ourselves first are we on the conservative or innovative, progressive way in our culture development.